About Us

[Image: Woodcut illustration of swords being made by smiths during the Middle Ages]

Who are Freesmiths?

The world's oldest secret society, the Ancient Order of Freesmiths (Alte Orden der Freischmiede) has been in continuous existence for over a millennium.

During the Middle Ages, Freesmiths guarded a secret method of producing steel swords of the highest quality the world has ever seen.

[Image: Charlemagne establishes the scabini to crush outlawry in Francia]

But our secret is not just about steel and swords.

Some 1,300 years ago Charlemagne, Emperor of the Roman Empire, personally endorsed Freesmiths as men of superior character and morals who were faithful and could keep matters confidential when needed.

The Emperor elevated Freesmiths, known as “scabini” in Latin, or “Schoffen” from the Gothic word for sharpeners, to positions as lay judges to judge with fairness and wisdom.

Today, just as then, the Ancient Order of Freesmiths adheres to the principles of Truth, Fidelity and Secrecy.

We are dedicated to elevating the mind to achieve its maximum potential. Men and women of goodwill can become Freesmiths by studying a course of mental training that has been handed down to a select few over the centuries.

From makers of weapons to makers of peace

The famed crucible steel swords of the Frankish Freesmiths are an important part of our history.

[Image: ULFBERHT sword from circa 10th century]
An ULFBERHT sword from the 10th century, Museum for Pre- and Early History, Berlin. Photo: Wolfgang Sauber CC BY-SA 4.0

The mental discipline instrumental to producing such legendary swords as the Ulfberht specimens is incorporated into the mental training that Freesmiths still teach. For hundreds of years, though, Freesmiths have progressed from making weapons of war to sharpening peaceable minds.

Are Freesmiths a religion?

Freesmiths are not a religion and do not require that members adhere to any specific faith.

From their beginnings, Freesmiths cherished Bible principles, so concepts such as self-sacrificing love of neighbor, and faith in an intentional, loving Creator, are part of the historical foundation of Freesmiths way of thinking. Freesmiths teachings are highly compatible with the belief that all humans have a basic moral duty to help each other.

Are Freesmiths part of Freemasonry?

Freesmiths are not part of Freemasonry. However, we are not an anti-Masonic organization, and we do not prohibit Freemasons or any other fraternal order members from becoming Freesmiths.

That being said, Freesmiths and Freemasons are entirely different traditions.

Freesmiths originated with the non-guilded sword makers of Roman times. We do not practice any of the rituals and customs of craft guilds that are synonymous with Freemasonry. Nor do we seek to influence or participate in political affairs. Our focus is solely on mental elevation of the individual.