How does someone become a Freesmith?

[Image: Studying to become an Apprentice]

The first step toward becoming a Freesmith is to learn more about the history and principles of this unique organization. The booklet A History of Freesmiths: Truth, Fidelity, and Secrecy in Daily Life has been designed to help interested people learn more about how the Ancient Order of Freesmiths came to be, and how the Order functions.

Freesmiths learn by a self-study correspondence course that may take several months or more of part-time study. Our training is in written format and requires the student (called an Apprentice) to hand-write answers, take personal notes, and engage in practical exercises to strengthen the mind and character. All of our lessons are in hard-copy format, delivered to the student on paper.

[Image: a student writing in a study journal]
The intensive self study program prepares the Apprentice to think as a Freesmith

Upon graduation, the Apprentice becomes a Freesmith and receives his or her lifetime membership in the Order, documented by a signed Associate Degree with the seal of the Ancient Order of Freesmiths. The member's name and roll number are added to the permanent roll of the Order.

But the training does not end there. Opportunities abound for further development as a Master Freesmith through advanced degrees.

Summary of the application process

  1. Read the booklet several times over to become fully acquainted with the history and ethics of the Order.
  2. Contact the Service Desk and request to apply.
  3. The Membership Committee reviews your application.
  4. If you are approved as an Apprentice, you will be sent the training course to study at home.
  5. Begin your lifelong education as a Freesmith.

Last updated: 17 May 2023