[Image: AOF Ancient Order of Freesmiths Smithy Hall in the 20th century]

One Hundred Years of Secrecy

On January 1, 2024, the Supreme Body of the Ancient Order of Freesmiths met in a regular meeting. As a result, We are pleased to release the following statement:

Four years ago, at its regular meeting held on January 1, 2020, the Supreme Body of the Ancient Order of Freesmiths determined that a “Century of Secrecy” which had begun in 1920 had finished.

For a century, the Order admitted only those men and women chosen from a pool of candidates nominated by at least two graduate members in good standing. As noted in TFS page 16, the Order operated in such strict secrecy since 1920. This arrangement was appropriate for the time and proved to be the course of wisdom.

At its 2020 regular meeting, the Supreme Body reviewed the results of this “Century of Secrecy”. It was then resolved that the Order would establish a website, Freesmiths.org to provide basic information of interest to the public who have questions about the world's oldest secret society. In addition, non-members would be permitted to obtain the TFS booklet and petition directly to the Order for admission.

What have been the results over the past four years since 2020? Very beneficial! Indeed, many have taken up our training and have joined our ranks.

Now, we announce that a “Century of Truth” is well under way. What truths have yet to be revealed between now and the year 2120? Only time will tell. But those Freesmiths who are being trained now are in the right place, at the right time, to receive such truths!